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By Richard McGuire

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Nature offers infinite beauty, whether from close up, or at a distance

Autumn Colours

Autumn colours are spectacular, especially in Eastern Ontario and Western Québec.

Moose, Mounties 'n Muskeg

Images of Canada


Flowers are a symbol of beauty, love and so much more.

Ottawa & Gatineau

Canada's capital combines great architecture, natural scenic beauty, gardens and people-scapes.

Canada's Parliament Buildings

Canada's Parliament Buildings reflect a classic architecture of previous centuries and are a national treasure.

The Bonnechere River

The Bonnechere River flows 145 kilometres from Algonquin Park to the Ottawa River in Ontario. This collection of photos by Richard McGuire was part of a joint exhibition with artist/photographer Victoria Alexander called The Bonnechere: River of Dreams.


Rural Ontario

With rolling farm country, wilderness, and 19th century towns and villages, rural Ontario's sideroads and concessions provide infinite exploration possibilities.


Rural Québec

For most of Canada's history, Québec was largely a rural society. Rural Québec's predominant French character makes it unique in North America, but it was also home to settlers from the British Isles.


Québec City

Dating back to the early 1500s, the walled Québec City is a unique corner of North America, almost European in flavour. 


Toronto is Canada's largest city and economic centre. It has become one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities with residents from every corner of the world.


Winter is Canada's dominant season, and is a key element of the Canadian identity. Although Canadians love to hate it, it is also a time of special beauty.

Photo Art

Sometimes interesting patterns and designs can be seen in unexpected places. 

Atlantic Canada

(Via the Trans-Labrador Highway)
The Trans-Labrador Highway and connecting routes traverse thousands of kilometers of wilderness, trees, lakes, rock and wildlife, linking Newfoundland with continental North America.

Alberta Bound

Where the prairies meet the Rocky Mountains, Alberta is a province of beautiful diversity. 


Photographic Journey

Photographs from around the world.

Journey through Afghanistan

In 1977 and 1978, I was lucky enough to visit Afghanistan while it was still peaceful. Shortly afterwards, that country was torn apart by more than 24 years of war. This photo series shows Afghanistan in more peaceful times.

India - The Black & White Series

In 1977, I travelled through India from Ladakh in the north to Rameswaram near the southern tip. The black & white pictures I took during those travels have now been digitally restored.

Ecuador Adventure

Ecuador is a small country of diverse flora, fauna, and landscapes and interesting cultures. I travelled throughout mainland Ecuador in February 2006. 

Signs of the Times

A collection of odd signs from around the world, some conveying messages that weren't intended.

On the Road

About the travels of Richard McGuire

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